February 28, 2008


First I want to give full credit where credit is due....to Debbie Olson.  As soon as I seen this idea she had shared, I felt the inspiration to share this with the rest of my friends. 

Slacking big time on my blog.  Sorry gang!  Just so much on my mind and so much to do.  Trying to rush out orders, complete workshop stuff as well as prepping for classes.  With my husband gone on deployment, I'd figure I'd have alot of time to "play"...yah right!  Okay, enough complaining.  But ya'll can still sympathize with me....:0)  I want to thank everyone who comes to visit my blog.  For taking the time to leave your sweet comments and just stopping by.  I know everyones time is very precious (as is mine), and that's why I'm sending out a HUGE {{{hug}}} to you all.  God Bless You!!!

February 17, 2008

Here it is....my OWN little space to create

This area has changed a little.  Just a little bit of everything here.  

Lily's area where she plays & sleeps while mom is scrapping.  I just love it when she's napping.

Lily's toys.  She has much much more toys.  Due to the space issue, I have her toy box in another room.  Do you see the stuffed cream colored doll laying upside down?  We've named it "boyfriend" and she's so smart that she knows who he is everytime we ask her to get him.  So cute.

This area has also changed a little.  A friend of mines gave me some corner caddys that I put in the corner.  I love DP.  Can't get enough of them.

This is my scrap area where I do my work.  Since this photo, I have bought some cubbies to store my pens, and other things in.  Wish I had a bigger space where I could invite my friends to scrap in here.

This lil' corner is where I do my sewing.

My magazines & ribbon.  You wouldn't have believed the amount of magazines I had just a few months ago.  A whole bookshelf full.  And now I only have what's in those metal cubbies.  Not bad huh?

My closet where I store odds and ends.  It's full in here to.  As you can see I should say this is Lily's closet.  This is ALL her clothes.  Yes, she is very spoiled by her mum.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Nothing fancy but I enjoy having my own little space where I can let loose and go into my own little world.  My next BIG project will be to color my room & add shelving on the walls.  I think I'll wait on that one though, it was very tiring moving ALL my things into this room....whew!  Have a wonderful day!!!

A newly found stamps...TAC

The minute I saw these lil' cuties, I knew I had to have them.  I stumbled upon these cuties while blog surfing.  They are from a line called The Angel Co.  You can get more information on Kim's blog Kim O'rosky/ Sunshiny Days.  She also has other images from this line.  I'm glad I found these because they are just darling.

Okay, can someone teach me how to hyperlink (is that the correct wording?).  I've seen alot of bloggers link up sites in there posts.  I have a mac computer & am not familiar with how to do this.  If someone can be a gem & help me with this I'd appreciate it.  I'm not sure if you can understand what it is I'm trying to say here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

February 16, 2008

I've been tagged by a very sweet blogger Kim.  OH, what fun!!  Thanks Kim.

1.  Stamping Style: Cutesy w/ flowers & bling
2.  Inspiration: My inspiration comes from other bloggers, stamp catalogs, and idea                                     galleries on various of websites.
3.  Color: Pink
4.  Work Space: Since we've recently moved, I have my very own scrap room which                                        is what I really wanted.  No more storing stuff all over the place.                                              I'm still tweeking it to how I want it which will take a while.
5.  Perfect day:  Sleep in late and do nothing at all but stamp, stamp, stamp!!!
6.  First Job: It was at my high school registering students for summer school.
7.  Wildest dream:  Have lots of $$$ to spend on my passion...crafting!
8.  Ink:  SU
9.  Family:  It's just my hubby Jeff, our "fury" daughter Lily, my mom & her dog Mia.
10. Beverage: Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte
11. Biggest Challenge:  I think I have to agree with Kim on this one...to finish                                                                 projects that I've started.

I'm tagging:
Lauren M.

February 12, 2008

It's me again...my mommy is such a show off

These are some recent photos of Lily that I want to share.  The first photo I just had to get her in her new haircut.  I think this style is cute on her.  I maybe having the groomers cut her this way from now on since she hates me putting bows in her hair.  The next photo is her all sacked out after a hard day. :0)  She looks so peaceful and comfy.  She has a little are in my scrap room that she naps & plays.  Most of the time she's trying to get my attention and play while I'm trying to work.  I'll be sharing my "little" scrap room very soon.  Things in my room are very tight and cluttered since changing room.  But I love it even though, it's my place where I can come to relax & create.

Thank you for letting me share and for stopping by.
Have a blessed day!

February 6, 2008

Monkey See.....Monkey Do!!!

Ahhhh....I just love this card!  Not only because I like monkeys (they need to be cute like these) but because of the colors chosen and my "elementary" coloring.  I totally cased this card by Cambria (just changed up the colors to my preference).  If you haven't, go and check out her work.  She is, amongst many, one of the most talented people out there.  I don't know her personally, but I absolutely love her work.  I did make 2 of these cards but gave one away to a friend who loved it and she went shopping for these adorable monkeys too.  

That's all for now...tomorrow I'll be getting a new do!  Maybe I'll post some pictures if it turns out nice..:0)

February 5, 2008

I've just been TAGGED....

My very first tag...I've just been tagged by Chat (nightstamper of SCS) to play this middle name tag game. 

These are the rules:
You must post the rules before you post your answers.  You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name.  Each fact must begin with that letter.  If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.  After you've been tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and answers.  At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.  (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them you've been tagged and need to read your blog for details.)  Ok here goes...:0)

**Typical Japanese middle name for a japanese girl**
N- NATURE.  I love it.  Just the peacefulness & beauty of what God has created.
A- AUNTY.  Being married to my filipino husband comes the BIG family.  I'm a aunty to more than 20 nieces & nephews.
T- TALENTED.  God has truly blessed me with my scrapbooking/cardmaking talent.
S-  SASSY.  I can be sassy yet generous & polite when need be (which is almost always).
U-  UNCONDITIONAL.  This is something that my "furry" daughter gives me...unconditional love.
E-  EGGS. Now don't laugh to hard, one of my favorite sandwiches...Egg Sandwich.

Now, my turn to tag Melody (scrappyhawaiian)
Lauren Meador
Kim O'Rosky

February 4, 2008

Exciting News.....Read on

FINALLY!!!  It's finally finished...YAH!  Being that I gave her the album, I am now able to share it here.  She liked it & so did I.  Have you ever started out on a project OR card and thought to yourself....hmmmm, this is SO nice I don't want to give it away?  Is this normal?  I always find myself being sad when it's time to part with it.  Okay, enough about this yappy subject.  Almost all of the products used on this album is from Stampin Up.  There was another 2-page layout but I ran out of room on the upload site.  This is what I specialize in....scrapbook albums.  It's my favorite project to do.

I also have some exciting news to share.  I signed up to be a Stampin Up demonstrator so I'm official.  I'm excited to get started and get things going.  On my blog, you can go to my Stampin Up website on the sidebar and check out the latest and greatest deals they're offering.  It's a great sale called sale-a-bration.  Now here is the exciting part.  For every $50 you spend, you get a free stamp set from the sale-a-bration mini.  So just imagine, if you spend $300 you get them ALL!!!   Go and check it out, the stamp sets are SO cute.  I know I want to have them ALL.  If you are interested email me & I can give you all the details.  Any questions feel free to ask away...however, please be patient with me I'm still new at all of this.

Have a blessed day!!!