June 29, 2008

Such a BAD blogger

I've been such a bad blogger lately...:0(  I find it very difficult for me to blog on a daily basis OR even a few times a week.  I get SO caught up in "other" things that it just slips my mind and in my mind is NOT a must.  Does that sound bad or what?!  Another factor I don't keep up with blogging is because I'm checking everyone else's blogs...haha!  My  life is not the most exciting nor interesting...:0(  Well, I have some things to blog about now so here goes...Aren't these just the cutest lil' stamps?  I wish I could have gotten them ALL but my pocketbook would probably kill me.  OR shall I say my husband may kill me.  Anywho, these images are from a company called Dandelion here in Hawaii.  However, i think she sells them all over the U.S.  She also has a blog that you can visit here I have yet to make some samples using these stamps and boy will they get inked soon.  If you decide to invest in these stamps I'd sure love to see what you create.  I have several requests for wedding, thank you, baby cards , so, I need to finish those first.  

Thank you for hearing me and hope I didn't bore ya'll.  Stay tuned I have more to come. MWAH!!!

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