July 16, 2008

Your input is NEEDED....

Let's see...what have i been up to lately.  To tell you the truth, i've been in such a "rut" that i'm just down in the dumps.  It's turning out to be one of those months.  Just LIFE in general.  Perhaps it's the economy that's having this effect one me...gas prices, food prices, etc...  Whose to know if it will get worse or better.  Well, it's FINALLY time for me to get my butt in gear and start actively looking for a job...but you know when your mind and body doesn't want to go and you're already forcing yourself to do it because it's NOT a choice any longer?  That's where i'm at now.  I hate that feeling.  :0(  What makes this even harder is i don't know what i want to do as far as working.  Office?  Retail?  Lord help me!!!  Okay, enough about depressing talk...LOL!

So, let me share with you what i've been doin' in the meantime.  As many of you know (my dear friends), this hobby that i've fully invested in is my passion.  If i could stay at home and do this as a f/t job i'd be so ever grateful BUT sad to say it's not possible.  Just a lil' rambling....there i go again, my brain is drifting in all sorts of directions.  I've been making these super duper cute 4x4 booklets.  These are just a few ideas i've thought of that you could use them for:

address book
important dates (b-days, anniversaries, etc...)
shopping list
to do list
secret codes ( online passwords )
book log

Now it's your turn.  If you have any other ideas i'd love to hear them.  I could always use your input.  I'm thinking of eventually selling these on etsy/ebay.  When/if i do, i'll let u know.  Hope you like them as much as i loved making them.  Tell me which is your "fav" or if you have any suggestions/ideas/opinions.  

Thanks for sticking with me & allowing me to share my boring stories...LOL!

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